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August 2017

GWC helps clear invasives from Spadefoot toad pool

 GWC Staff after helping to clear invasives from a spadefoot toad vernal pool This week GWC staff helped the folks at Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife with a project to rehabilitate a spadefoot toad breeding pool in eastern Massachusetts. This is the last known remaining spadefoot toad population in Middlesex County, but it has over the years been choked by invasive buckthorn shrubs. In order to improve the habitat for the toads, and hopefully help this little population hang on, MADFW worked with the landowners to get permission to clear a large portion of the pool and surrounding area.

August 2017

Wee Turtles Graduate

 Students walk on trail at Great Meadows NWR - Photo by Jenni Doering This past Sunday, the folks from the radio show Living on Earth broadcast the 3rd and final piece in their series about our Blanding's turlte headstarting project at Great Meadows. You can listen to the audio and see the transcript and some photos here: Wee Turtles Graduate

Thanks so much to the staff of Living on Earth, particularly Jenni Doering and Don Lyman, for the wonderful pieces that they broadcast.

(Photo credit: Jenni Deoring)

April 2017

Meet Cara - Our Newest Team Member

The sun is starting to shine, the trees are budding, and herpetofauna are on the move. To handle this increased activity and meet our ambitious goals for 2017, we’ve brought in a new technician.

Cara McElroy is a southern native who has worked with almost the entire suite of herps, from tadpoles to alligator snapping turtles. She received a BS in Zoology from Auburn University, and an MS in Ecology from the University of Georgia. At Auburn, Cara discovered that her childhood playing in creeks and pocketing lizards could be a viable career. She headed undergraduate research projects focused on reptile diversity and freshwater turtle population dynamics. Her master’s thesis was focused on the distribution and genetics of larval amphibians (tadpoles and salamanders in early development.)

Cara is excited to be in New England working with novel species and to be a part of GWC’s team. She’ll be working on our field projects—with Blanding’s turtles, spadefoot toads, wood frogs, and more—as well as assisting in our teaching and outreach.