Blanding's Turtle Headstarting Resources

"Blanding's Turtles in the Classroom" - Info sheet for parents and teachers
This 1-page brochure explains the basics of our Blanding's turtle headstarting program for parents and teachers. Want to learn more? Read the Headstarting Manual below, which describes the project in-detail.
   Blanding's Turtle Headstarting Manual - 2015 Update
We’ve revised and edited our curriculum manual. It provides a detailed background on the project, Blanding’s turtle life history, and updated turtle care protocols. Especially if you are new to the program, print it out and keep it near your turtle tank to use as a reference and also so that students or parents who visit can look through and learn more. If anything is unclear in the manual, or if you think it should include additional content, please feel free to let us know.
   Blanding's Turtle Programming Options and Fees
This brochure details all the classroom sessions and field trips we offer, along with the associated fees. Please contact us at if you would like to learn about how your school can headstart Blanding's turtles, to find out about scholarships for under-served schools, or to get a quote.
  Blanding's Turtle Marking Scheme - Learn how to identify Blanding's turtles using the notches we make in their shells. Notches filed into the shell margin don't hurt the turtles, but provide an easy and long-term method of marking individual turtles.
  • Blanding's Turtle Conservation - an overview of our work with Blanding's turtles and how you can make a difference!
  • "The Journey Begins"  - Watch GWC uncover a Blanding's turtle nest at Great Meadows
  • Blanding's Turtle Hatch - a short video by the Toronto Zoo that shows a nice close-up of a turtle climbing out of its egg, along with fun facts about Blanding's turtles.
  • Blanding's Turtle Conservation - a conversation with Dr. Bryan Windmiller about Blanding's turtle conservation at Great Meadows and beyond
  • Digging a nest - watch a short clip of turtle mom #2033 digging her nest on the night of June 30th, 2015.
   Teacher Agreement Form - Please sign this form if you will be raising Blanding's turtles in your classroom We can only bring you the turtles after we have received contracts from all the turtle teachers at your school. We encourage you to share the spirit of this contract with your students. Your classroom is participating in an authentic and meaningful scientific research project. Your commitment to the project through caring for and monitoring the turtles allows us to scale up the headstarting project. We want you and your students to know that we REALLY appreciate this. Through your past efforts, Blanding’s turtle populations in Massachusetts are already turning the corner to recovery.